Tips Interior Design Vintage Home Decor

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Tips Anque home Interior Design for vintage style homes are the first to find a good source. You’ll need to find your local antique store, thrift shop, vintage store, flea market or car boot sale, try them all out and start hunting for unique vintage furnishings.

Remember to be patient when you’re looking for something and choose only quality items that fit the look you’re aiming for.

Bring a list of the items you might want in your home

such as a classic vintage armchair or antique mirror, and then search aloud these items. Try to stick to the list, and really think about each item before buying, easily carried away when you shop for vintage.

As you design your home, you can choose a shabby chic look that is a mixture of modern and vintage, or you can select all vintage pieces, but edit them by hand to make them the latest.

Or you can choose to have some vintage stuff to make the house look very eclectic.

Note that there are some main items that want to start styling the house you want according to the concept:

1.Chairs and sofas

It’s the most practical item you can buy, and it’s very easy to update with a bit of polish, paint or recoating. The elegant French chair provides a sexy update to the bedroom, the 60s bubble chair makes the children’s bedroom a pleasant place, and the low-cost seat looks great in any kitchen.

2. Cheap Furniture Products

You can go to the local sales garage and flea market for some cheap vintage furniture.

Always check the quality of the goods before buying, and visualize exactly where and how the item will fit in your home.

Keep an eye on rare items with great details and expertise that you won’t find in your nearest Home Decor store.

3. Cushions & Vintage Bedding

An item that will instantly give your house that vintage feel is some antique cushions. Comfortable, homemade, embroidered cushions on every surface will make any house feel more homely. Vintage eiderdowns and throws can give a quaint, chintzy update to a bedroom. Keep an eye out for great colors and fabrics that will best reflect your home style personality.

4. Crockery & Glass

You can never have too much vintage glassware or tins, as they really give off a great antique vibe and aren’t usually too expensive. Crockery, especially blue and white, is another fabulous addition to the kitchen table, that looks beautiful and will be timeless. Choose high quality glass and ceramic vintage items, as these will be valuable but not extortionate.

When you are piecing all of these items together, remember to keep it simple. Don’t overcrowd your space with too many items, or you run the risk of your house looking museum like or dowdy.
Instead, choose specific items that will enhance your home, and keep the space fresh with light colors that will make every room feel spacious and classic.

5.To give a bedroom a touch of vintage style

Start by painting it white then add a great bed frame and mattress.
a great bed cover and loads of cushions.

Attach pins to the walls to display your favorite vintage hats in a quirky and interesting way.

reflect the same on the opposite wall but with your favorite photos in thrift bought frames.

Pile vintage suitcases in the corner of your room, and store any other items in a gorgeous wooden chest.

Hang clothes on a modern rail covered with fairy lights and flower clips. And find a great old chandelier to put in your room. Put wood flooring down, and cover with a stylish antique rug, and you are finished.


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