Shipping policy


With the occurrence of product purchase transactions and make payments with a sense of responsibility and obligation to make delivery to the destination buyer.

Make a payment

Make a full payment to Googosell  according to the method of payment listed on the web. This can greatly ease the cost burden when shipping is congested with free shipping. Door to door delivery system.

Delivery time 

According to the delivery time described on the product list. Googosell takes several working days to prepare the gasket and check the quality according to the procedure where the destination shipping.

Proof of shipment code ( Tracking number )

Proof of delivery report will be provided no later than the time requested by Googosell to prepare delivery. After the product is at the place of delivery on that day also proof of shipping code will be provided
can be via email or WhatsApp


packing according to international shipping standards. Use cardboard boxes that are environmentally friendly and the product is coated in soft material to keep from scratches.

Delivery of order products

For products that order in large quantities or products that are not on the list. Delivery time will be done in accordance with the joint provisions

Shipping method

From the Googosell warehouse is forwarded to the delivery service warehouse ( Kurasi ) that is integrated with DHL / USPS / UPS according to the choice of the location of the new shipping destination continuously to the buyer’s house

Estimated time to arrive

  • American :
    Example: for shipping to Canada take up to 4 – 19 days
  • Asia 
    Example: For shipping to China take up to 4 – 15 day
  • Australia
    Example: For shipping to Australia up to 4 – 17 day

Note : Googosell can not speed up or slow shipping all of that has become the responsibility of the shipping service. For the above data obtained from direct delivery services. For delays that do not fit the data above, there may be a problem on the way. Please be patient

Delivery of large volumes of products and extra weight

  • For products with large volumes and having extra weight will be sent using LCL ( LESS CONTAINER LOAD ) services. We only deliver until the port then payment and the authority of the goods on the ship will be borne by the buyer. Shipping with LCL buyers must have a business entity possessing documents for import of goods.
  • Alternative for individual buyers without having a business entity can use forwarder services all import documents have been taken care of by Forwarder just to make payment of goods to the destination.
  • Delivery time will be discussed together
  • All shipping costs borne by the buyer