Online Purchase

1. Fine item

See our products through your Smartphone or PC / Laptop, find products that fit your needs

2. Select a product Fine item

Select the product you want and determine the value of the product price currency according to country delivery. international shipping in US dollars for Indonesian domestic delivery in Rupiah

3. Need a lot of information

Ask us when you still need a lot of information about the product you want or about other information. we are happy to provide information

4. Deal online

Feel it is suitable for the product you want to buy immediately make a payment. payments we receive by bank transfer with a SWIFT code / use PAYPAL / with a credit card

Note: for payment by credit card can go through the front page of PAYPAL

5. Payment confirmation

Make payment confirmation after making a payment either by bank transfer with SWIFT code / with PAYPAL / with a credit card

Note: Payment confirmation can be done on your user page on Googosell after registering. / can through the whatsapp chat button that has been provided.

6. Shipping procedure

We have explained the time required for delivery on the product page. Googosell needs time to prepare delivery after getting an order both for packing and quality inspection. proof of the traking number will be provided after the product is at the place of delivery at that time also we will inform you either by email or whatsapp that we have sent it.