Benefits of suitcases as part of home decor

Benefits of suitcases as part of home decor

Everyone would want a happiness with fun activities with traveling, shopping etc. places that have never been visited.

In traveling people will not hesitate to bring a lot of luggage. including clothes, pants, glasses etc.

to support travel activities that will be undertaken in order to be longer.

With this activity, someone will definitely need media for storage of luggage, including luggage, bags, etc.

Someone who often travels long distances, both traveling in the country and abroad will have a lot of luggage.

Types of luggage that vary both in quality, price, and size and brand

With a low price, it will definitely have a poor quality and will cause damage quickly and will not be used again

By having a creative idea, a suitcase that is damaged or cannot be used again can be useful again

Benefits of suitcases as part of home decor

Home decoration does not have to use good and expensive furniture

only have capital of creative ideas and utilizing something around will surely be something beautiful

and can be used again without having to buy

an example of this is a suitcase with a creative idea that will be a unique, creative home decoration product, which will certainly look good and useful

benefits of suitcases as part of home decor

suitcases used as sofa chairs, guest tables, consul tables etc.

benefits of suitcases as part of home decor

the process is easy enough that you want to make it a table just by adding legs to the bottom

how to stick it by means of a screw type of foot can be made of iron, stanlis, wood etc.

The benefits of a suitcase are not only for storage but can also function as a medium for decorating your residential home so don’t rush to throw away

benefits of suitcases as part of home decor

Even imperfect ones can still be used.

by cutting it into two parts and sticking it to the wall or media on the house.

Which serves as a place to put good accessories photos, hours or others.

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