5 sink products that are widely used for bathroom decor

5 sink products that are widely used for bathroom decor No more denying the existence of the bathroom is one of the main elements that make the look of the house increasingly beautiful. Bathroom function not just to clean the body now the bathroom is a means for relaxation, and many creative ideas are born here. And its existence is the beautiful support of a house.

If we look at the design of the bathroom is widely circulating nowadays, the bathroom design is increasingly creative and infinite. If first the bathroom consists of a bathtub and toilet and the existence of outside the house now do not have to like it, there are many bathrooms that are in the room even in the bedroom area.
Actually the bathroom consists of two types,
Wet bathroom and dry shower room :

Different from the location of the. With the increasingly growing desire to design the bathroom room with a unique design and the need for furniture to entertain the room also increased there are also the use of the result of the artificial plant that shaped only that Were. There are also those who like the results of handmade and have a natural concept of different forms of unique products that many are interested in having a unique and natural impression among them:

1. Sink Wooden

With natural wood material that has a natural concept

sink bathroom wooden

2. The sink from fossil materials

With ancient relics originating from plant materials buried in the soil for millions of years that make hardening of these plants to make stones called fossils that have a natural patternsink bathroom fosil

3. Sink of river Stone material

made of natural stone which can be found on rivers or mountain rockssink bathroom stone4. Sink of marble stone material

made from rock materials with unique features. and not only for the sink, but many people use it for the house floor and accessories

sink batroom granite stone

5. copper sink

made of copper with hand work with the process forged little by little which produces a basin with unique results

sink bathroom copperthis is a unique product that must be in the bathroom that likes housing with a unique concept.

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